Three Ways to Creatively Treat your Concrete Floors

Concrete is a pro in terms of cost, durability and maintenance. This is the reason why concrete is a best choice for floors, residential or commercial because it is long lasting, it is very string regardless of the weight upon it and it is low-maintenance compared to other flooring materials. However, concrete is not attractive, it is naturally grayish and dull-colored. Despite of this, many property owners are still choosing concrete as part of the flooring because ideally a floor should be strong as a foundation. 

Nowadays, concrete companies in Des Moines, Iowa and other in other states developed treatments to make concrete attractive. Creative treatments enhance the looks and vibes given by concrete. These creative treatments make concrete flooring easy to clean and more protected from stain and water penetration.  

Stained Concrete Floors 

This treatment is usually used in kitchen concrete floors to hide stains. Kitchen has many staining agents so this treatment is really a good choice. In this treatment, an acid product is used to stain the floor. This is done by mixing the hydrochloric or phosphoric acid mixed with salt. Then it is applied to a hardened and cured concrete slab. This treatment is done in different ways and done in interesting methods. Acid staining happens when the acid starts to open its pores in concretes and the salt triggers a chemical reaction. The reaction causes the discoloration you see in the floor’s surface.  

Dyed Concrete Floors 

This creative treatment gives you the preference for the color. You can use this in any concrete floor in any room. This uses a coloring agent that is water-based. This treatment creates a smooth uniform finish that gives you an almost three-dimensional vibrant look. The only downside of this treatment is its makes the concrete floor softer that could cause some movements. Thus, it is best to add a neutral area rug to mute the floor.  

Painted Concrete Floors 

Painter concrete treatment uses epoxy. This is usually used for repairs in damaged floors. Aside from this, this can also be used in creatively treating concrete floors and functions like paint because it has different colors. This is usually in form of paint; floor epoxy has two parts, the liquid catalyst and liquid hardener. Epoxy hardens through a chemical reaction making a strong and durable finish. You can choose different colors depending on the room. Like in commercial spaces, it is recommended to use vibrant and bold colors while in residential spaces, you can use bold colors.  

These three creative treatments are good for every concrete floor since they have two purposes, to fix and enhance the concrete floor. You can have this as a Do-It-Yourself project but for less hassle and more desirable results, it is best to hire professionals to do the treatment. For best results, consider the room where the floor is located and choose the treatment that combines well in the overall view of the property. If you cannot decide which treatment fits best, call your contractor for professional advice.